October - My Favorite Month!

I love the month of October - seriously. December comes in at a close 2nd. October is just so fall-y. Pumpkins, leaves, hoodies, fires, etc. Love.it.! 

Part of me can't believe it's October already (well technically tomorrow). We are moving right along at school - but my kiddos are having trouble with letter and number recognition. 
Not picking up as fast as I'd like - but I know they will. How are your kiddos doing this year?

October Math Journals are ready - I love getting emails about them. You all are super sweet. :) 

I've been working on my October Math Activities too - and have a pack up in my TPT store if you need some activities to add to your math stations.

Are you a font junkie like me? If so, please check out Nicole over at Rowdy in Room 300. She has some to die for fonts - can you tell I am obsessed with the one above?!?


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