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End of Year Gifts

So, if you are like me (which I'm sure you are not-haha!) you knew the last day was coming but didn't buy gifts for your kiddos yet. Every year I get them a little gift bag - mostly little cheap toys that they will love.

I was at Dollar Tree searching through the toys and decided to go a little smaller with my gifts after not really finding anything that stood out. Still a meaning behind each gift - and I spent about $.59 per kiddo - not too shabby.

I bought a puzzle for each student (they came in a pack of 2) and attached a Smartie candy to the top.

I made a label to go on each puzzle box.  The name badge labels from Avery fit perfectly on the box - it is the 48395 template. If you don't have the labels, you can always print on regular paper and tape/glue them to the box. I recommend printing on a laser printer - just because labels slip in inkjet printers and then the text doesn't line up with the template. :-(

All finished! Ready to go for 22 Kinder Kiddos tomorrow!…