Only in Kinder?!?

With the first few weeks down, we are quickly getting settled into a routine. My class is great - and my little sweeties have a lot of personality!

One slight problem we are having? Restroom breaks. I don't take restroom breaks - don't like to and would really prefer not to. Most of the time they go throughout the day - especially during workshop/independent learning! I have some little sweeties that are either afraid to go or afraid to ask - and end up having an accident. I'm hoping that within the next few weeks it will stop - as they become used to school.

What are your restroom procedures? Do you take a class break? Lucky enough to have a bathroom in your room?

Here's a freebie - I plan on printing out a stack and sending home when necessary. I have 2 versions (one if they had clothes - one if they did not). They are 4 to a page - easy to print and cut.

Clipart on these pages courtesy of DigiScrapKits, Moo & Puppy Designs. HelloFirstie font by Jen Jones -

We are still working on procedures - but I'm definitely ready to get into more content. These next few weeks we are working on concepts of print.

Sneak Peek: Can you guess what I'm working on now?!?

I'm also breaking out the sight words this week. We are just going to dive right in!! Check out my new Sight Word Number Puzzles.

What are you up to this week?


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