Front, Back, Side to Side

We are working hard at learning all of the concepts of print! My kiddos are doing really well (which is good since I feel like we've been talking about it for years!) with all of it - and are actually applying what they have learned when they partner share about reading books.

These anchor charts aren't anything new - but I've made one for the past 3 years and they really do help. Last year, we did Eric Carle's VHC. Please excuse my hand drawn illustration (can't draw for the life of me). 

This year, I decided to go with one of our favorite books for the theme. I made it a tad bit snazzier too - since I'm all about fonts and digi paper backgrounds at the moment! 
I think it's really important to use a book kids are familiar with. 

We've read Chicka Chicka at least 10 times this year (sometimes it feels more like 100 times haha!).

I found a copy of the cover online and printed it out. 

 I also found a picture of the inside and printed it out. 

I have the pieces for the anchor chart in the file below - click the pic to grab your copy!


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