Find It Fast!

I am forever trying to think of cutsie titles that will work for our classroom activities. I think I finally found one that I like and will use for all of these types of activities!! Yeah for thinking on the weekend right?!?

These games are pocket chart games - and review just about any skill you can think of. I make them around a theme and then we review the skill that we need the most (right now it's number recognition). 

For this month, it's the Johnny Appleseed edition! The idea behind these games is that you hide an object and students have to identify whatever is on the cards before they can check for the hidden object.
Nothing new - but a great review game. 

This works in whole group, small group and even centers. I've put these at my pocket chart center before and my kiddos love hiding their eyes while their partner hides the object. 

Want to grab your freebie? Click the pic below! Enjoy!


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