Kindergarten Common Core

Remember that one time that the states switched to Common Core and you were super prepared? All of your activities, vocabulary cards, lesson plans and more were printed, laminated and really you were just waiting for the kids to show up? 

Yeah? Me neither. Ha. CC is here - and I have a feeling it's here to stay! If you are familiar with them, you know how much of an undertaking it is to try and get a grasp on both the standards and the activities required. (Well, maybe a little! We are teachers. Do our brains ever shut off?)

Have you seen this baby? It's the CC book that you need!

1. It's 600+ pages. What an incredible resource!

2. It is not just worksheets - 
there are activities, prompt cards, picture cards that can be used in games and centers and more!

3. It includes both Math and ELA standards. 
How awesome to have both subjects together right at your fingertips!

Get a jump on CC now - check it out!


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