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Oh Snap!

Popsicle sticks galore=games, games and more games!

Snap is a letter review game. Students draw a stick and identify the letter on the stick. If they identify correctly, they can keep the stick. If not, it goes back in the cup. If they draw the alligator stick, all of their sticks go back into the bucket. Simple as that.

I printed the letters on mailing labels and the 2nd label is to put on a can! Enjoy!



Make & Take

We had a pinterest inspired make and take party today and it was so fun! We made lots of new things to use in the new year. Whoohoo!

So I was cleaning up looking through supplies and found some of my Target purchases and made these up real quick:
Target has these foam blocks that I picked up but wasn't sure what to do with - but of course I had to have them! I bought the pretty alphabet stickers from Target as well - both came from the dollar spot! I am going to use them in small group to identify letters or in large group to practice sounds. Just need to find a pretty container to put them in.

I picked up foam letters and numbers last night from Dollar Tree and threw these together too - in a crafty mood so I'm going with it! Made a set of letter sticks and a set of number sticks (1-20).

I can't wait to use these with my new Kinder-Kiddos! What games have you been making for the new school year?


Image I can't get enough of this site and continue to find new boards to follow everyday! Not to mention new pins and such...whoooohoooo!

Life Isn't Always Frogs and Cupcakes is having a linky party...for pinterest-inspired items. We haven't had ours yet, but I'm so inspired that I invited all my teaching buddies to my house for a make and take party next week. Here are some of the items we are going to work on making!

I can't wait!

Sight Word Game

I am loving the "Find the _____" sight word game that I have seen on some other sights. I made several different ones this year and the kiddos love it.

The basic premise: Students take turns reading sight words. Students must read the sight word in order to lift the card to see if the hidden object is there. If they can't read the word, they can't lift the card to check. We played as a class and in small group - both were fun. =)

"Find the Farmer" is below! Enjoy. More coming soon!
Find the Farmer
Super easy to do: Print sight words fileLaminate/cutPlace the cards in a pocket chartPlace the hidden object behind one of the cards.