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Back to School Event!

Hey blog friends! Hop on over to Miss Lovie's Back to School Event today! 
I'm guest blogging and you will want to go and grab tons (okay 4) apple themed freebies!  Sneak preview: Adorable apple glasses. 

867-5309 ininine

Technically, I don't have any parents with that specific phone number. But that post title is a lot more exciting than "Parent Contact Log". Definitely. 
I have gone back and forth every year with exactly how I want to track my contact with parents. Last year I had an Excel spreadsheet with everyone listed. Problem? I was never right there in that document when I needed to be. So this year I'm trying the old dinosaur method - you know, paper and pencil? Just kidding, just kidding. 

I tried to make it as easy as possible - so this is what I came up with. I think keeping track of these types of items is all about what you are comfortable with - so if you like paper/pencil go with it. If you'd rather use a digital format, go for it! Again -whatever suits you. :) 
This year - this is what suits me...
I do so much on the computer that going back to paper seems a little strange, but I think it will be helpful to have the document accessible anywhere - I can take th…

Back to School Event


Nice straight line...on the 3rd day?!?

We are 3 days in - and my kiddos have done an awesome job! One thing we weren't so awesome at over the first two days? Lining up and staying in line. Mostly staying in line. I had about 6 lines on day 1 because my kiddos didn't understand the concept of a line. Not their fault - I just needed to teach and show them what it looked like!
Enter our trusted animal friends.
 I have lots of stuffed animals and puppets - and use them whenever I can.  We used a turtle puppet the first day - and said our names to the turtle. It's amazing what kids will do when a stuffed animal or puppet is involved. 
Side note - I get a lot of my stuffed animals and puppets from the thrift store - throw them in the wash before taking to school and you're good to go! Super cheap way to build your collection. :)
I had students pick out animal friends and we put them on the carpet. We decided the animals weren't in line - so we needed to fix it! 

So we did. Sort of. My kiddos could easily s…

Room Reveal!

2 days in + 18 Kinderkiddos = 1 tired teacher! We've had 2 great days - and I am looking forward to using so many of the awesome lessons and projects I've seen over the summer on my current (and probably lifelong) obsession, Pinterest! :)
Over the last 2 weeks I don't even want to know how many hours I've spent in the classroom getting it ready (anyone else spend way tooooo much time in your classroom?!?).  I prefer to think about how happy it makes me to step into my room -makes it all worth it.
My theme=non-existent. If anything, I have a primary colors theme - and use the yellow/red/blue/green them throughout!

Do you have a favorite bulletin board border? I do. I seriously love this button border. My awesome Momma worked up the cute little button nametags with Publisher - and I labeled my cubbies and welcome board.
I wasn't done yet - I just had to carry it on - and made tags for the lockers too. Woot!  1st day frame - had to have one after seeing them all over…

School Year Calendar Freebie :)

Is it possible to have too many calendars? I have my cutesie calendar, my free calendar that I got at school, my desk calendar, my phone calendar...uh too bad I just made another one! My teammates and I use a calendar specifically for our K meetings, morning work, etc. It's what keeps me somewhat sane.

Side note - is that possible as a Kinder teacher?!? Haha.
And the calendar templates in Microsoft Word just don't cut it for me. Enter this year's calendar! I am loving polka dots - so when I found these backgrounds I needed to use them. Immediately. :)

Our kinder kiddos come Monday - so I am in full panic prep mode. We have 18 right now...and am crossing fingers that it stays that way!! How many kiddos do you have?

Grab your copy with a quick click on the pic!

August Math Journals

Starting to feel the pressure y’all! It’s T minus 3 days and counting…well technically that is when staff has to be back. But still. I’m nowhere near ready! All my summer projects, well, are still in the “starting” stage. Ehh. I’ll get it done…like working under pressure. :)

I did manage to get 2 projects done tonight – whoohoo and a gold star for me please. Do you know how hard it is to stay focused on writing appropriate questions for math journals when Breaking Bad is on in the background? Hard.

I made the math journals for August super easy – to build confidence and cover basic skills. The journals address pieces of Common Core Standards K.G.2 and K.G.5.
Click the picture above to grab your copy!

Project 2: This beauty. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over Pinterest – and I love the idea of having these items right at my fingertips.

I bought a school scrap paper kit at Michael’s today and went to town on my new purchase! I love the labels on the top of the drawers – nice clean look tha…