Don't Fall Over...But I'm Writing a Post...

Shut the front door. Is it bad that I haven't written a post in for.ever.? I almost didn't remember how to get to Blogger. Okay, it wasn't that bad...but it's been too long.

Hopefully your school year has started out well. The first few weeks of Kindergarten are always a test of patience and flexibility. Rewarding but definitely exhausting (anyone that's taught Kinder knows exactly what this is like).

We are trying to establish a routine and have been fairly now it's time to get down to business. We have some serious learning to do...starting with our colors, letters and numbers. I love games - and really just about anything can be made into a game.

***True practice putting lids onto our highlighters correctly, we play the "give a little shake" game. Kinders love putting the lids on (so they don't get lost) and shaking that highlighter up a storm to make sure the lid is on securely. Don't works I promise!***

Back to games...I've been working on my "Find It Fast" games for September. We played "Find the Colorful Cat" today - with numbers. Check it out here! 3 games for $3.00 - a great way to review as a whole group or have students play it in small groups.

For being a loyal reader...grab your Find It Fast Freebie here. Practice identifying colors with your kiddos!



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