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Sigh{s} of Relief!

Oh.dear.goodness. I haven’t updated in forever! I seriously don’t know where the time went – but May had so many activities that overtook my life that it wasn’t even funny! Field trips, parent luncheons, graduation, last day, etc. My nephew’s 1st birthday party was also this weekend – so we did some major prep work for that! I would love to be a graphic designer in my next life – there are so many different items that can be created to spruce up a party. :)Such a cutie patootie. Love him!I am in summer mode – but before I get there, I have to pack up my entire room. Yes. The.Entire.Room. We have to put everything away, uncover every bulletin board and stack all of our furniture in one corner. Major ugh. I took some final pictures of my room – hopefully I can remember this post come August and it will help me with the layout.I’m super lucky to have an amazingly large classroom. I’m also somewhat of an obsessive classroom buyer – so I continue to buy and buy so I can fill it all up! My …

I Appreciate You! $600 Worth!

Here it is bloggy friends! The day has finally arrived! Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to browse through over $600 worth of products from a variety of K-12 blogs!

Today only, I'm offering my Brain Boosters - April Edition pack free! 20 pages of ELA Review that is suitable for Kindergarten and 1st grade. The May edition is also available in my store - and my summer to-do list includes creating September - March!

Know what you do is appreciated and admired by many. :)

Check it out by clicking on the link below to go directly to the April Brain Boosters! Enjoy!

All too often our hard work goes unrecognized. We put in countless hours, cut more laminating than anyone truly knows, are copy machine ninjas because we spend so much time there, are lesson plan professionals, Pinterest fiends, etc. The list goes on and on!

Each and every one of us does it for the students in our class – and next week is a time to share our appreciation for one another! Get ready for a mega jackpot blo…