School Year Calendar Freebie :)

Is it possible to have too many calendars? I have my cutesie calendar, my free calendar that I got at school, my desk calendar, my phone calendar...uh too bad I just made another one! My teammates and I use a calendar specifically for our K meetings, morning work, etc. It's what keeps me somewhat sane.

Side note - is that possible as a Kinder teacher?!? Haha.
And the calendar templates in Microsoft Word just don't cut it for me. Enter this year's calendar! I am loving polka dots - so when I found these backgrounds I needed to use them. Immediately. :)

Our kinder kiddos come Monday - so I am in full panic prep mode. We have 18 right now...and am crossing fingers that it stays that way!! How many kiddos do you have?

Grab your copy with a quick click on the pic!


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