Nice straight line...on the 3rd day?!?

We are 3 days in - and my kiddos have done an awesome job! One thing we weren't so awesome at over the first two days? Lining up and staying in line. Mostly staying in line. I had about 6 lines on day 1 because my kiddos didn't understand the concept of a line. Not their fault - I just needed to teach and show them what it looked like!

Enter our trusted animal friends.

 I have lots of stuffed animals and puppets - and use them whenever I can. 
We used a turtle puppet the first day - and said our names to the turtle. It's amazing what kids will do when a stuffed animal or puppet is involved. 

Side note - I get a lot of my stuffed animals and puppets from the thrift store - throw them in the wash before taking to school and you're good to go! Super cheap way to build your collection. :)

I had students pick out animal friends and we put them on the carpet. We decided the animals weren't in line - so we needed to fix it! 

So we did. Sort of.
My kiddos could easily see that the Little Red Hen wasn't in line and that the tiger was going to follow her. 

So we fixed it. We talked about not having any spaces in line and staying together as a group. 

We also discussed what happens when animals don't watch the line. 
Animals run into each other! The kids thought this was hilarious by the way. 

So we fixed it. Again. :)
This visual lesson worked perfect for my kiddos - and each time we were in line I had something to reference that they could understand - whoohoo! They love getting in line just like our animal friends do! Oh the things we do as Kinder teachers. :)

What do you do to get your kinder kiddos in a nice line?


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