August Math Journals

Starting to feel the pressure y’all! It’s T minus 3 days and counting…well technically that is when staff has to be back. But still. I’m nowhere near ready! All my summer projects, well, are still in the “starting” stage. Ehh. I’ll get it done…like working under pressure. :)

I did manage to get 2 projects done tonight – whoohoo and a gold star for me please. Do you know how hard it is to stay focused on writing appropriate questions for math journals when Breaking Bad is on in the background? Hard.


I made the math journals for August super easy – to build confidence and cover basic skills. The journals address pieces of Common Core Standards K.G.2 and K.G.5.
Click the picture above to grab your copy!

Project 2: This beauty. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over Pinterest – and I love the idea of having these items right at my fingertips.


I bought a school scrap paper kit at Michael’s today and went to town on my new purchase! I love the labels on the top of the drawers – nice clean look that sits well with my self-diagnosed OCD.

Kristen over at Ladybugs Teacher Files (go if you haven’t already!! Awesome blog/tips/all around site!) posted a free PowerPoint file if you want to put the words on the outside of your drawers. Check out that post here: Ladybugs Teacher Files

Now, I get to go to my second home and fill it all up. Which is currently in a being worked on stage. More pics to come after it’s all finished!


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