Room Reveal!

2 days in + 18 Kinderkiddos = 1 tired teacher! We've had 2 great days - and I am looking forward to using so many of the awesome lessons and projects I've seen over the summer on my current (and probably lifelong) obsession, Pinterest! :)

Over the last 2 weeks I don't even want to know how many hours I've spent in the classroom getting it ready (anyone else spend way tooooo much time in your classroom?!?).  I prefer to think about how happy it makes me to step into my room -makes it all worth it.

My theme=non-existent. If anything, I have a primary colors theme - and use the yellow/red/blue/green them throughout!

Do you have a favorite bulletin board border? I do. I seriously love this button border. My awesome Momma worked up the cute little button nametags with Publisher - and I labeled my cubbies and welcome board.

I wasn't done yet - I just had to carry it on - and made tags for the lockers too. Woot!
 1st day frame - had to have one after seeing them all over Pinterest!

 Pocket charts for "How we get home" organization. One of my fab teammates suggested using pictures for easy identification and reading. Awesome idea!
 Classroom library. Um, I love books. I'd say this is about 1/2 of them...

 Reading corner
 Framed book covers of favorite books and read alouds

Ten frames posters of 1-20

Amazing color posters for 88 cents from Wally-world (Wal-Mart)
Clip chart...hopefully we don't have to use much! 
Math Corner with math station bins
 Math tools

 Extra math storage

 My corner

 Yeah for binders!!!

 Writing table

 Carpet area

Word Wall with phonics dance picture cards
Guided reading corner (see...told you I love the button border!)
Snack and lunch bins - with markers in the container for easy labeling
Our bulletin board for this year!

Complete with mini-rulers!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Check back in a few days for a Parent Contact Log freebie! 


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