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Technically, I don't have any parents with that specific phone number. But that post title is a lot more exciting than "Parent Contact Log". Definitely. 

I have gone back and forth every year with exactly how I want to track my contact with parents. Last year I had an Excel spreadsheet with everyone listed. Problem? I was never right there in that document when I needed to be. So this year I'm trying the old dinosaur method - you know, paper and pencil? Just kidding, just kidding. 

I tried to make it as easy as possible - so this is what I came up with. I think keeping track of these types of items is all about what you are comfortable with - so if you like paper/pencil go with it. If you'd rather use a digital format, go for it! Again -whatever suits you. :) 

This year - this is what suits me...

I do so much on the computer that going back to paper seems a little strange, but I think it will be helpful to have the document accessible anywhere - I can take the binder, write myself a little note, whatever. 
First page includes pertinent student information and then a few spots to document parent contact.
2nd page and any page after is for more documentation! I put extra copies of the 2nd page in the back of the binder - that way they are on hand and ready to go when I need them!

Info Card close-up:

Contact documentation close-up:
For the type, I plan on circling whether it was phone, email, paper or in person (the little icons). The reason type is the same - circling/highlighting/grabbing whatever is handy and marking it! For the outcome, I am going to write down a little more information about what the reason was and the outcome. 

For example: 
September 4     Phone     Academic     Johnny knows all of his letters - talked to mom!

Want a copy of the binder cover? Click the picture below!
Thanks to Sassy Designs for the cute background paper!

Want a copy of the actual form? Click the picture below!
Hopefully this helps me this year! What do you do to document parent contact? Do you have to? 
Leave me some comment love and let me know!


  1. Even after all these years, your page is still helpful. Thank you. I love this font!


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