Does anyone have a Wii Fit? I cannot say “measuring” without hearing that little voice from the Wii. It’s like a little robotic voice while you are standing there waiting for your whole life to be analyzed through the Wii.


My kinders have been measuring for a few days now – mostly a lot of guided practice. We’ve used square tiles, small paper rulers and links. Today we busted out the linking cubes and {cue suspense music} Beanie Babies! Woot.

We had so much fun. The kids watched me measure my stuffed animal – a turtle. We talked about measuring the entire animal – and how some animals or insects can be tricky depending on tails, claws, antennae, etc.


After I measured, I drew a picture and wrote my sentence.
Please excuse my pitiful drawing…

The kids then got to decide which animal/insect they wanted to measure.
We drew name sticks to make it fair.

After they had picked their buddy, they got to measuring.
And were uber serious about it. Ha!

I totally forgot to take pictures of their recording sheets (duh) but you can see a tiny bit of the crocodile drawing from one student in this pic! Students drew their buddy and wrote the sentence.

All in all it was a fun and informative lesson. After we finished measuring and recording, we shared all of the sheets on the document camera. It’s amazing how KinderKiddos make their own connections and learning happens without the teacher saying a word (hard right? I know!!).

Things I heard:

“Mrs. Ketchen’s turtle was longer than my animal.”
“Wow – that is how long my animal was.”
“Whoa. It was that long? I thought it would be shorter than that.”

Up next, we are going to be measuring each other using butterfly cutouts.
Most everything this week is very hands-on.

Want to check out my plans and grab some measuring freebies? Click the picture below!


One of the activities I am using is from Kindergarten is a Hoot. Sara offered some great freebies on a Measurement post –and they fit perfectly with my insect theme! Check it out!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing these plans! I'm very informally homeschooling two wee little lads and love finding great ideas that will engage them! We will absolutely be measuring trucks with Legos, tonight.

    Thanks, again!


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