A Bug’s Life

We’ve been talking about insects for about a week. It’s funny – I seriously detest bugs of any size, shape, color, etc, but this is one of my favorite themes to teach! I especially love sharing new bug facts with my kiddos – they get so impressed haha!

We made a circle map and recorded our prior knowledge.

After reading a few pages of an Insect book, we added our new learning. I liked adding it in a new color – it helps the kids see how much information they learned from reading a non-fiction book!

We measured partners with butterflies and recorded our findings:

We also measured insects with a fly ruler:

This week we are starting to talk about specific insects – whoohoo! Today was ant day…

We made an Ant schema chart, completed an “Ants can/have” chart and made the cutest little ant headbands. I added a simple sentence for them to put in order and paste to their ant crown.

We are reading all about bees, dragonflies, caterpillars and butterflies this week. I ordered these fun guys too – can’t wait to bring them in for my kiddos tomorrow!

I have the insect think maps below. These are popping up all over the web – but I really like them! :) If you’re interested in the ant headband pattern, I have that too. Just let me know!

Here is the ant headband! 
Students cut 3 circles and antennae, glue onto a sentence strip and then glue the sentence as well.



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