Grab Your Running Shoes...Quick!

Okay, technically you don't have to put your running shoes on. (Uh, let's be honest. This body really doesn't run anywhere - not something I'm proud of - just sayin...ha!).

It's a giveaway but the finish line will be here fast - tomorrow night at midnight to be precise! 

The awesome Anna from Kindergarten Khronicles asked me to join the fun and I am loving it!!! The fabulous Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300 is also on our giveaway team - and our super gracious host is the amazing Pam from Can Do Kinders! 

It's not hard to enter - and the prizes are

Here's what you could win.... 
5 math and literacy packets, an amazing ELA Review pack, and a super cute Froggy Fun math pack!! 

Let your fingers do the running for this one (okay, promise I'm done with the running analogy)...

Head on over to Can Do Kinders to find out how you can enter this giveaway.

Can Do Kinders


  1. I am so excited for your giveaway. I am a newbie and now follow your wonderful blog. Please stop by and visit me =)


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