Are We Going To Graduation Today?

Kinder Graduation is a pretty big deal at my school – and a few weeks ago we took pictures of the kiddos in graduation caps and gowns. We don’t actually wear the caps and gowns at the ceremony – just to save our sanity time! We take pictures of the kids though and print them out for parent gifts as a nice little memento. My kids were definitely thinking they were going to graduation that particular day though!

I can’t believe it (procrastination is seriously my middle name) but I have Graduation Gifts together – yeahhhh! Last year, I gave them a very similar gift (you can read about it here). It was really easy but meaningful – and inexpensive! This year I found some great items and revamped the label (frame courtesy of The 3AM Teacher – awesome!).


Inside: Puzzle, Smarties candy, (and for added fun) Play-doh and bubbles.


I got the puzzles from Dollar Tree – 3 for $1. They had boy and girl versions. I loved the box puzzles that I had last year, but the variety at Dollar Tree this year left a lot to be desired!

Each puzzle fits perfectly in a snack size bag. This is probably overkill, but I cut the picture out of the back of the package and placed it in the baggie so the kids know what the puzzle looks like.


You don’t have to do this next step – it just saves a little time. I bought full-sheet labels( from Wal-Mart) to use. They stick right to the bag.


Voila! I’m figuring my cost was around $.75 per kiddo – not including the bags/labels. Not too shabby. I don’t mind spending money on my kids or classroom but it’s always nice to have a gift that is cute but didn’t cost a crazy amount!

Want to make it? Awesome. :)

Click on the pic below to grab your copy of labels. Labels for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a generic next year are in this freebie. Enjoy!


Cute background graphics on this pic courtesy of Sassy Designs, Inc. If you haven’t been there, check it out!


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