April Math Journals

It’s Spring Break y’all – and I am living it up. Well, living it up as in watching as much trashy reality “don’t have to think about it television” as possible, eating crazy amounts of snack food and drinking coffee and sweet tea like crazy.

Hubby will be happy that the Tivo is finally not completely full. He’d probably be happy to come home and see me in something other than pj’s too, but we’ll save that for next Spring Break! Hope you are having, had or will have a great break. I definitely needed this time to recharge – my kinder kiddos require a lot of my energy this year!

April Math Journals are here! Yeahhh! Topics include Earth/Recycling, Insects, Baseball and Frogs.

I’m going to try to crank out May as well – and then we will be done for the year! :)  I added a new page to my blog – it’s titled “Monthly Math Journals” and will have all of the math journals in one spot.


Working on April Math Centers – but will probably take most of the week. In the meantime, back to being lazy relaxing!

p.s. Anyone use Windows Live Writer? Using it to write this post – and so far, me likey!
p.s.s. I swear it takes me longer to make the cutesy picture to attach the file to than it does to actually make the math journals.


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