Turkey Time!

We went a little crazy with turkeys - or chickens or hens as my kiddos call them. Sigh. Hopefully by the end of November they will call them the right name. Ha.

Homework for the first week was to decorate a turkey with your family. We have some really cute turkeys! As a class we do interactive writing about what types of materials were used on the turkeys (a great vocabulary lesson too!).

Check out these turkeys! I don't have a link - one of my teammates had the paper original so we guard it like gold!

It's a really fun project. Here they all are on our bulletin board:

My team's boards:
We colored a pattern on these turkeys.

Turkey Patterns

My favorite and it's free!
Mrs. Miner shared a free turkey pattern - my kiddos loved it - especially it's little eyes.
Awesome Turkeys

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business

Happy Turkey Day!


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