Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm ready for the break - can't wait to have some good food and enjoy good company.

I am working on some holiday items that I will have out soon - for now though I am couching it up and feeding my Pinterest habit!

What the Teacher Wants is having a linky party - a perfect topic for the week - "I'm Thankful for..."

Classroom Thankfulness: This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for my Kinderstars in my classroom - who make me tear up when they work on "secret projects" during recess time. (It's me - complete with matching shoes and earrings!) I am also thankful for my awesome team - I know we couldn't do it without each other!

Person I'm Most Thankful For: ***Spoiler. I have to cheat on this one.***On the home front, I'm thankful for my husband and family. My hubby is my rock - and often hears the ups and downs of daily life in Kindergarten - especially the downs! My Mom is my anchor - I am who I am because of her. :) Nuff said. My sis is the other half of the anchor - I love her humor and her personality. Have a huge family that I am thankful for as well (can't just focus on one person - oopsss).

Blogs I'm Thankful For: Goodness this is a hard one - I seriously have a full time job blog-stalking. Which is sometimes difficult with my other full time job - uhm, teaching?!? These ladies are seriously awesome - and inspiring. They help still young in my career and don't always know what is happening "just a few years under the belt" teachers like me stay organized and focused!

Chalk Talk

My teammates blog - who gave me a kick in the pants to start my own. Love her creativity and positive attitude!

Guilty Pleasures I'm Thankful For: No judging allowed...but any and all things MTV, any gossip magazine or website, any "Real Housewives" of any city. And Peppermint Mochas and O'Charley's rolls.

Don't forget to check out the linky party happening at What the Teacher Wants!

That's me in a nutshell. :) Hope you have wonderful Thanksgiving dinners/activities planned.


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