November Math Journals

I am diving into Math Journals this year - September seemed crazy though - and I had kiddos all over the place! I like giving them open ended prompts - it lets them think aloud - which my students don't get enough time to do.

I copy them front to back and staple the journal 3-4 times (any idea how rough K kids can be on paper?? - HA!). My students store them in their cubbies and get them each day after our specials classes. We read the prompt, have a quick think time and then they have around 4 minutes to draw out their response. The range is amazing. I talk with 3-4 students during that time. After we are finished, we have share time (usually 2-3 students).

So for those of you using math journals - I have lots of questions!!
-Any best practice tips?
-What about my kiddos that just aren't there yet?
-How can I kick them up a notch?
-For assessments - do you do them? If so, how?

Any help would be awesome. :) Thanks!

November Math Journals
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  1. Love your math journals and all the time that you put into them-- my problem is figuring out the assessing part and if I even should- the kiddos seem to love them though, although some almost had a nervous breakdown because they could not draw a perfect candy can! :)


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