Little Red Hen!

Last week we had a great time reading different stories about the Little Red Hen (or chicken or turkey or rooster...depending on the day!). 

My kiddos were really upset with the dog, cat and mouse in Paul Galdone's story. They were so mad that the animals were mean to the LRH! Love it!

It led to some great discussions about the character's feelings and emotions - yeah for making connections throughout the text!

We are working on building comprehension skills
and prediction was our focus last week.

We predicted what would happen after the hen took the pizza out of the oven.
Would she share or not? Would she drop the pizza? Would she make another one?

It was fairly split down the middle of sharing/not sharing.

Some were very creative.

When we finished up last week, we voted for our favorite story! I didn't get a picture of the ballots we used - but I just put a quick copy of the three covers on a small piece of paper. They were so excited to vote!

 This is one of my favorite stories to read - and there are so many good versions.


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