Go Puzzlers!

We are working so hard to learn teen numbers! I'm trying really hard to focus on the understanding behind everything -which isn't easy, but definitely worthwhile!

With teen numbers, we are breaking down the number into tens and ones, counting that many objects, drawing that many objects and matching objects to numbers. My class has been playing "Can you Catch Me?" - a freebie that you can grab by clicking on the picture below. This helps with number recognition.

To continue learning about numbers, we learned how to play "Puzzler". 
Don't be jealous of my creative game names...haha.

Puzzler is simple - give each student a piece of a puzzle. Have students study their piece (we did it quietly - and didn't tell other people what we had). The object is to find your match and complete the puzzle. Once completed, students display their puzzles.

We displayed ours on a cookie sheet - I added magnets to the back of the cards so they could use cookie sheets but also so we can use these puzzles in calendar. We only did numbers 1-5 - mostly so they could practice the procedures for Puzzler. :)

Want to check out the puzzle pack? Click the pic below. Each number (1-20) has a 4-piece puzzle.


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