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Hubby and I are trying to get better at planning out menus - so our shopping trip to Wally World doesn't result in a cart full of snack cakes, ice cream, chips and other randomness. Then that feeling of "I spent $100+ on this?!?" sets in when we get home to put everything away...

So, we are working really hard to follow our menu. A guy at Hubby's work told him that they plan based on themes for each day - "Mexican Monday", "Italian Tuesday", "Wing Wednesday", "Traditional Thursday", "Pizza and Snacks Saturday", and "Homestyle Sundays". Fridays are usually going out to eat days.

Pinterest is literally my best friend when planning the menu - I have pinned all types of recipes but didn't really have a plan.

And seeing as how I am a teacher - one of my favorite (such a dork!) things to do is plan. So of course my menu has to be color coded, include a table and definitely cute fonts.

Now comes the "what the heck do I need to buy from the grocery store" phase...uggghhh. But it is much easier come Monday after wrangling kids teaching Kindergarten to know exactly what to cook! It's just hubby and I--so no judging that some of our meals are kid friendly lol - I'm a picky eater.

Do you have a plan for meals? Is this crazy? We did two weeks in January and it worked really well - but I'm curious to see/hear what you do.


  1. Dinner at my house is all about what's I've got. I never plan meals but wish that I did! I just try to never run out of available food.

    Your plan looks inspiring. Let me know how it goes.

    *hugs* Kat

  2. I have a numbered list of all the meals I make. On Sunday hubby and I figure out what nights he will be home and pick that many meals. In a notebook I keep all the grocery lists for each item on our meal list. The pages are numbered to match the items number on the list. This helps me make my big list. I use Grocery IQ on my iPad but you can get it on any Smart phone.


  3. You schedule looks super organized! Let me know how it goes. I just added an app to meal plan, I hope it helps me!

  4. We just started meal planning too. We have meatless Mondays, white meat Wednesdays and slow cooker Sundays as our themed days. It has really helped us not eating out as much and grocery shopping with a purpose. We plan one week at a time according to the sales too.

  5. With a husband and two teenage sons, I HAVE to plan for meals. I love that you even graphed it out in a table! Now that we have it all planned out, if we could just get someone to come in and cook/clean up for us! :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. I've tried to be more organized and plan meals, but my husband is resistant to menu planning - the idea of "Itallian Mondays" makes him cringe :( But, he's slowly coming around to realizing it's so much simpler to shop when we know what we're cooking! By the way, I'm tagging you! Come by my blog to see what it's all about!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  7. Thanks for featuring my Crock-Pot Lasagna!

  8. Adrianne- I just came across your blog and I love it! I was struggling with the same meal planning dilemmas as you... I recently started planning my meals 1 week at a time. My husband and I sit down on Saturdays or Sundays and map out the meals we want to eat for the week...We plan about 5, leaving 1 night for leftovers and 1 for possibly going out. I use one from this website- ( and I love it because it has my grocery list on it as well. What's worked especially well is having a master meal list. My husband and I sat down and made a list of everything we like to eat or can make. It's fun to add on to it as we try new recipes- it's like our paper and pencil Pinterest! This makes meal planning less painful!

    -Ashley @

  9. And I just realize I spelled your name wrong-- So sorry!!!


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