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Sometimes I lie stretch the truth with my K kiddos. There I said it. Like when I make up really cheesy names for games that are *stop the press* learning games. But it's all about the presentation - so when we play "Sound Spy" it is amazing how many kiddos are engaged. This isn't a new concept/game - just has a fun name...

We are working on beginning sounds - sorting words, creating words with that sound, etc. Normally we do 4 sounds a week, but on Fridays we play Sound Spy - which focuses on a variety of sounds - not just the 4 we are practicing for the week.

Student papers look like this:

My paper looks like this:

To be Sound Spies, students first have to count the letters with me and
then pick that many crayons out (in a *cough cough* timely manner...ha). 

Then we become sound spies. All of the picture clues are covered (I use sticky notes).  (Please use your spy skills to turn your heads...because Blogger is being difficult with pictures!

I use my document camera (which I adore) and have the kiddos pick a clue to uncover. We uncover one picture at a time. We decided what sound/letter the picture starts with, find that letter and color it in.

It's a fun, easy and quick way to practice sound skills. My pages below are just for beginning sounds, but this could easily be adapted for ending sounds as well!

Sad note - these pictures are from the Sound Sorting Menu at this school website.
It's not valid anymore - the site looks all hopefully they will upload and correct it soon. :(

Happy note - I have "Snowmen", "Winter", "Scarf", and "Mitten" ready to go for you. :)




Happy "Spying"...!

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  1. I love this! Will use it this week! Thanks for sharing! :)
    My Kindergarten Kids

  2. So fun!! Can't wait to try it with my kiddos! Thank you =).

  3. Precious idea! Perfect for beginning of first and review! Thanks for sharing! Going to your fb page now!

    Peace, Love and First Grade

  4. Fun to read how you execute this game... I cut the pieces out and we pull them from the bag, but I will say what color crayon to use for each letter. They have been getting so excited when they know the letter, it's so fun!

  5. I love love love this idea- I plan to give you a shout out on my blog :)


    {I couldn't find your email :(}

  6. Thanks everyone! Glad you like it. :)

    Jennifer thanks in advance for the shout out! There is a button on the right hand column for my email - it's

  7. I love this idea! How perfect! Love how others shared how they used it as well. Do you have a "follow by email" link on your page? Maybe I looked too quickly.

    1. Up on the right hand side is a column if "Let's Connect" buttons. If you click the orange one it will take you to a feed burner page that has a follow by email option!!

  8. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing...and for making them for us to print! You're awesome!!


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