Sorry bloggy friends that might be in love with the NWEA Map test...but currently it is the bane of my existence. I try to balance it all - and make sure that I at least talk about questions that I know appear on the test...but sheesh! I.don't.teach.to.the.test! .

Please feel free to visualize:
*22 kinder kiddos (that alone is enough to visualize haha!)
*22 computer screens sitting on tables that are a little too tall for my kiddos
*22 kiddos enthralled with the game they get to play on the screen (because the test proctor line stating "this is not a game although it looks like one" didn't quite sink in...
*5 kids talking back to the person asking questions in the computer
*5 more asking their neighbor how to get to "that page you are on"
*3 needing restroom breaks
*3 wondering when they will be finished
*4 asking the age-old question--"When is lunch???"
*2 remaining that are halfway focused
*1 teacher wishing that someone would realize this may not be the best way to gather data...

I have to come up with a plan for guiding my workshop with the NWEA data...so this is where I need your help! Do you use data from map tests? What tests do you take in kindergarten? I'm all for assessments but am even more for developmentally appropriate practices that provide me *ahem* accurate results.

Someone please get me a ladder so I can get down from this soapbox puh-lease! Thanks for listening-any thoughts, ideas or comments welcome!


  1. I feel your pain! We used the MAP test last year and I was not a fan. Since, like you, I did not want to teach to the test but I wanted my kiddos to be familiar with the way questions were asked, we used the games from this website that are divided by RIT range. So helpful! I hope you can use it too! :)

    The Littlest Scholars

  2. That pretty much sums up kindergarten testing! ha! We use the STARR early literacy tests and MCLASS...which has Dibels components...so basically reading, letter rec., nonsense word fluency, intial sound fluency

    Growing Up Teaching

  3. We use DIBELS...I have a hate relationship with it because they changed the scoring again WITHOUT TELLING US! Ugh.

  4. Arianne, we use AIMSWeb and created our own Common Formative Assessments for each language arts and math unit. I'm actually grading some numeracy assessments right now! Let me know if you'd like to see our teacher created CFA's... :)

  5. I can totally relate to the, "When is lunch?" question. I use to think kids lived for recess, but this year, my kids live for lunch! Ha!

    Congrats on now being up to 114 followers! You doubled very quickly! I'm so excited for you!

    Lil' Country Kindergaren

  6. We do not have standardized testing for kdg where I am, but we do have a literacy test/program and my kids are the same way! It's called iStation and even though it looks like games, it's a test and they just don't understand the concept at all. However, the kiddos have to go to it ALL year long IF they are a tier 2 or 3. So they learn quickly that they are having to take it because they need a little more help and soon HATE going! With all of this talk about not labeling and grouping by ability, we have to do this to our kiddos. I can't stand it! Sorry I ended up venting a bit too =)

    Kinder Kraziness


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