I promise I teach more than Math!

I looked through my posts and realized I have lots of math related posts. Scouts honor I teach more than math...

January Math Journals are here! Whoohoo. My kiddos seriously were not happy when I said they didn't have new ones last week and they would be coming this week. Note to self - try to get February journals ready in your "spare time". 2nd note to self: develop a plan to create spare time. Ha. Enjoy.


  1. Oh my goodness! How have I not seen your cutey patootie math journals?! They are perfect for K, and I appreciate you sharing them! :) I can't wait to print and copy them tomorrow to get my kinder kiddos working on them! THANKS!

  2. These are great!!!! Thank you so much for sharing these! I do math journals already, but may have to switch to these!!!

  3. Thanks gals! Glad you like them. :)

  4. I love these, they are great! I am glad I found your blog!! I'm lucky follower number 50 :)


  5. I love these math journals. And also, you're funny. Your writing makes me want to stick around and read more posts and find more great ideas. :)

  6. Thank you! These are wonderful! Although January is mostly over, I am going to use some of these this coming week and into the first part of February! :)

  7. Love this! Thank you for creating and sharing! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  8. You are amazing!! I think my kiddos will love this too. Thanks :)

  9. thanks for sharing ~ This is awesome!

  10. Thank you for sharing. Great resorce. I'm going to use it in June or July when it gets colder here in Australia. Is it OK to white out the month? Thanks


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