Year Long Planning

I’m fairly sure I can say with almost 99.9% accuracy that there isn’t a teacher out there not thinking about the upcoming school year. Sure – we’re on vacay (hopefully at the beach!) but it’s in our nature. We’re planners – and like to have a big picture of what our instruction will look like.

(Promise I won’t tell our secret that we think on our toes a lot of the time…so sometimes things don’t go according to, uh, plan!)

My yearlong plans are in the process of being complete – this is just a document that I keep mostly for my own planning. It helps me to see a big picture of where we are going during the year – and what will be taught when.

This is what it looks like at this point.


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If you know me (even through my blog), you know I like to plan plan plan. I don’t always follow my plans – but I like to have a whole picture before I jump into something!

I uploaded a copy of the yearlong plan to Google Docs – in an editable format! It might look a little weird because of the fonts. If you want the font, it’s called Pea Hollee from! Super cute font. Once you download the font and the document, it should look all nice and neat!

Digital scrap papers courtesy of Sassy Designs! Check out

My plan is on legal size paper! I know, weird size. I usually scale it to 8.5”x11” when I print it. When you go to print, there should be a “scale to” button or resize button that gives you the option to print it on letter size paper.




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