The World Works in Mysterious Ways!

Sometimes there are days when you wish you could bottle up the good feelings and positive energy and keep it for those days that get you down. Today is one of those days that I wish I could bottle up! I have loved reading your comments on my last post - and it reminds me that I love what I do and am where I'm supposed to be. (Not to get all heavy/sentimental on ya - just a good affirmation!).

This came in my email last week too - and I really am serious when I say it is an honor just to have my blog nominated/considered. There are some great blogs in this contest - written by fabulous teachers who are willing to share their ideas and thoughts with the world!

If you want to check out some great blogs, click below. Vote if you want to while you are there! There are 82 fabulous blogs for you to check out. :)

Thanks bloggy friends for being awesome!

The Fascination Awards

Directions for voting:
  1. Make sure you have upgraded to Google Plus. If not, you will find the Google Plus button on the uppermost part of the page. Creating your profile will only take a few minutes.
  2. Click on the Comments to view the entire list of nominees and look for your blog of choice.
  3. If you hover your cursor at the end of the Blog URL, a red "+1" will appear that you can click on. It's on the same location where you can find the votes that have been cast for other blogs.
  4. For blogs that already have some votes, the "+1" should be found immediately beside the vote count, to the right.


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