Pin-spiraling out of control!

Summer break officially started at 3:11 today. No, I wasn’t keeping track of time or anything! Whoohoo! I’m really excited to rest, read, relax, pin, pin some more and in my spare time pin. Seriously.addicted.


I have some grand plans for my Pinterest boards too – so many projects that I really want and need to devote time to.


I am a planner by nature – everything needs to be way over planned – and accompanied by pretty fonts and backgrounds of course! My thought with my Pinterest project is to plan it all out before I try to do to much and end up with nothing (anyone else have that problem?!?). Here’s my plan that I’m really going to try to stick with!

First step: Pick your top 10 projects from a board. (p.s. The Pinterest police won’t come get you if it’s not 10 – do what you feel comfortable with!)


Next: Plug your top 10 into weeks throughout the summer. Maybe you can do 3 the first week but the 4th project is larger and you want a whole week to complete it. Go for it – whatever works for you. :)


Step 3: Determine what supplies you need for each project {printer, paper, glue, etc.} and write it down. It’s nice to see what you need at a glance.


Step 4: Start keeping track of where you are for your pin projects. Mark whether it is in the “supply” phase, “progress” phase or the “completed” phase (yeah!!).


Step 5: Reward yourself by picking out a fun food treat from your pin boards. Use the last sheet to make your grocery list! Technically this is just a fun one – but isn’t there so much deliciousness on Pinterest?


Are you pinning like crazy or are you focused on making items based on your pins? It can get downright overwhelming. Hopefully these planning sheets will help! Grab your freebie here!



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