Seuss on the Loose!

I'm super excited about Dr. Seuss Day tomorrow! Pinterest is seriously a source of inspiration and a breath of fresh air! It can be a little overwheming - but I love having so many ideas to choose from.

Tomorrow's plans are ready to go - nothing like last minute!
(click on the picture to grab the document)

All of the activities (that I can share) have links with them! Sorry the font doesn't come through. There are some awesome activities available. :)

Last year we played the Fox in Socks game and my kids loved it - so I made some graph headers.

Technically I don't have my graph ready - someone forgot to bring some chart paper home - whoops! I laid it out just to make sure it would work - I can't wait!

Our K-2 team is having a door decorating contest as well - and the competition is FIERCE!!! We have our 3rd and 4th graders come through the hallway and vote. They tally, bar graph and analyze the results - which is a fun tie-in.

This year I did "Horton Hears a Who"! It turned out sooooooo cute. I painted the kids hands (all while questioning my sanity...haha) and they made the little plants at the bottom.
I'd love to hear what you are up to! Check back this weekend for pictures of our celebration and the door decorating contest. Happy Seuss Day!


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