We had a great day yesterday - but it was definitely exhausting!

We started the day reading the Cat in the Hat and doing a fun color by letter from Living Live Intentionally :

We read Green Eggs and Ham and learned what a recipe is. The kiddos were super excited to make green eggs and ham - and seriously thought it was the best recipe okay...haha!

We went to lunch (which was amazing to my kids - because they were in awe that they got 2 lunches that day - Green Eggs and Ham and regular school lunch haha).

We did a fun real/nonsense word sort from Kindergarten Lifestyle:

In the afternoon we read One Fish, Two Fish, made aquariums and had a fun snack:

Followed up by a reading of Fox in Socks and playing a hilarious game. The kids took off one shoe (this in itself was super funny to my kiddos!) and then got ready to play. Each student had 30 seconds to put on as many socks as they could. We had a mix of socks ready in a pile at the carpet.

After the timer went off, we graphed how many socks they were able to get on their foot! Check out my previous post for the graph headers if you want to grab them for next year!

We calmed (tried to anyways!) down by playing a fun roll and cover game from Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives.

Finished the day out with a real and pretend animal sort from Living Life Intentionally:!

The other for real fun part of the day was our door decorating contest. And I am serious when I said the competition.was.fierce. I am lucky to work with such a great group of talented teachers. The kids loved the doors and it made for great conversations throughout the day!

Here's a peek at the doors:

2nd Grade Team:
The kiddos are listening in the pics...sooooo cute!
Kiddos with hats on in the pics - adorbs!
One Fish, Two Fish...Check out those waves and fun fish!!!
 1st Grade Team:
Seuss was definitely on the Loose! Love the trees!

How can anyone not love the Lorax? Love it and this door!

Kindergarten Team:
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! How adorbs is the cake?!?!
One Fish, Two Fish cute.ness! Kids hand prints into fish - love!
 I'm pretty sure Dr. Seuss would have been proud. :)


  1. Your ideas are so awesome!!!!


  2. Love your blog title... so true! :)
    Those doors are great!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. Looks like you had a blast! I have nominated you blog for an award! Hop on over to my blog and check it out!

    Mrs. Krull
    Of Primary Importance

  4. The doors look so awesome! That is a great idea- hopefully I will remember for next year!

    I am a new follower, check me out when you get time!

    Little Minds at Work

  5. The doors are adorable! I am going to ask my primary team if we can do that next year!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!!


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