Assessments will.get.done.

Even with all the planning that my team and I do, I still get wayyyyyyyyy behind on assessments. I can do some whole group testing, but the majority of it is one-on-one.

*Please use visualizing skills to imagine 21 Kinders entertaining themselves working hard on whatever Mrs. Ketchen throws together so there is at least some extra time in the day to assess* -end scene-. Haha.

I know there are several calendar time assessments floating around out there - so this is just an extra one to add to your files!

I break the skills up into quarters - and we focus on different skills (beyond counting) throughout the year. Each quarter I assess counting (page 1 of the document) and the skill(s) taught during calendar that particular quarter.

I added a recording sheet so that it's easy to see how a student has progressed throughout the year. The recording sheet has 2 sheets per quarter - in case you are a super teacher and have time to assess calendar skills twice in a quarter (kudos to you - I'm jealous!)

Side note: We haven't adopted the CCS at this point - so this assessment includes skills from my schools specific objectives for kindergarten (money, time, etc.)

Click the picture to grab your copy!


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