December Math Stations

My kiddos are really into math stations - which is awesome. Creating and coming up the stations is not really how I want to spend my Sunday definitely challenging.

I love everything available on the blogosphere - so it's just a matter of being resourceful and creative and then putting the time in. I want the stations to be exciting - so that they continue asking (on an hourly basis haha), "Mrs. Ketchen, are we going to do our math tubs today?".

I hang this document underneath my math stations board - to help keep me on track mostly. I like how Mrs. Wills puts the source into her plans - so I added that to my document.

I have 12 stations - 6 of them are number sense based, and the other 6 incorporate geometry, algebra (patterning), reading (math books) and the computer (various games/software).

My kiddos work in partners and it really is neat to watch them work together and encourage each other to "talk math".

For December, I used resources from
Confessions of a Homeschooler

PreKinders (both fabulous sites!).
I also used some from my Gingerbread Packet and (insert drum roll...) made some new stations.

Grab your free probably gonna be crazy big to download but I hope you'll still grab them activities here:

You'll need to program a dice with the numbers 11-16 for this game.

Enjoy!!! Love hearing from you. :)


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