Sight Word Game

I am loving the "Find the _____" sight word game that I have seen on some other sights. I made several different ones this year and the kiddos love it.

The basic premise: Students take turns reading sight words. Students must read the sight word in order to lift the card to see if the hidden object is there. If they can't read the word, they can't lift the card to check. We played as a class and in small group - both were fun. =)

"Find the Farmer" is below! Enjoy. More coming soon!

Super easy to do:
  • Print sight words file
  • Laminate/cut
  • Place the cards in a pocket chart
  • Place the hidden object behind one of the cards.



  1. So cute! Thanks!

  2. I love these too! I have saved several of these from tPT and other blogs. I found your site through the linky party and I am glad I visited! I am now your newest follower

    I would love for you to visit my blog and follow me!


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