Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pinterest I can't get enough of this site and continue to find new boards to follow everyday! Not to mention new pins and such...whoooohoooo!

Life Isn't Always Frogs and Cupcakes is having a linky party...for pinterest-inspired items. We haven't had ours yet, but I'm so inspired that I invited all my teaching buddies to my house for a make and take party next week. Here are some of the items we are going to work on making!

I can't wait!


froggycupcakes said...

Super cute!! Thanks for linking up!!

CarolV said...

would you please share the screw words idea...I can't figure out how to get the letters on the bolts. Thanks!

Arianne said...

Carol-yep as soon as I get home-took a vacay before school starts!

Arianne said...

Hi Carol - here is the link to the word spinners:

Michelle's Charm World

I actually used a sharpie when I made them - much easier and quicker for me. ;)

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