Make & Take

We had a pinterest inspired make and take party today and it was so fun! We made lots of new things to use in the new year. Whoohoo!

So I was cleaning up looking through supplies and found some of my Target purchases and made these up real quick:
Target has these foam blocks that I picked up but wasn't sure what to do with - but of course I had to have them! I bought the pretty alphabet stickers from Target as well - both came from the dollar spot! I am going to use them in small group to identify letters or in large group to practice sounds. Just need to find a pretty container to put them in.

I picked up foam letters and numbers last night from Dollar Tree and threw these together too - in a crafty mood so I'm going with it! Made a set of letter sticks and a set of number sticks (1-20).

I can't wait to use these with my new Kinder-Kiddos! What games have you been making for the new school year?


  1. Your so creative. Those blocks could make some fun review activities!


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