Anchors Away!

I love anchor charts - last year I had them, but didn't use them. This year, my goal is to actually refer to them (easier said than done!). I'm hoping that if I get in the habit of making them and using them, it will continue to get better.

The Writer's Workshop has the steps students follow during our Writer's Workshop block. They really like the "Warm Up Your Brain" step!

Writer's Workshop Anchor Chart
One of my favorite professional books is Debbie Miller's Reading with Meaning. It has a lot of good and practical info on how to teach comprehension strategies to elementary students. It's funny hearing my 5-year-olds talk about their schema...but they definitely understand it!

The pictures on the right are student drawings after reading a book about kids playing. For this particular one, I asked them to visualize the page about having fun dressing up with red items (can't remember which book I read though!).
Reading Strategy - Visualize Anchor Chart


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