Happy Hearts Day

Wheeewwwww. Is it just me or are your KinderKiddos ub.er.hy.per. on holidays? We even try to keep it low key - but as one of my teammates said, "Today feels like the day before Christmas break..."! And it's only Tuesday. Haha.

We did some fun activities today - read a Valentine's Day book, made our bags to hold the cards, made a heart puppet and completed the graphing/patterning math lesson with conversation hearts. Fun but nothing too crazy.

I found this idea at the only site I visit anymore at Pinterest and knew I wanted to make it for my team:
                                                                                        Source: alliemakes.blogspot.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

The photo above used rolos and wrapped them - super cute!!!  I love my team but wanted to do something a little more money-conscious - so I used felt, pipe cleaners, a glue gun and twizzlers.

 Put 5 Twizzlers together with a pipe cleaner in the middle. Rubber band in the middle. 

 I (technically my awesome helper - Momma) used sheets of felt - and cut them in half. Perfect fit.

 Place pack of twizzlers/pipe cleaner on edge of felt.

 Roll up tightly.

 Hot glue edge and press down firmly to close "dynamite".

 Say thank you to Pinterest for the idea...haha.

 Add the cheesy Valentine's Day saying...
(ps - does anyone else call teachers at your school by their last names only??
We do - it's the only way it's ever been. Just curious!)

And voila. Dynamite gifts for my dynamite teammates. :)

Want the tag? Grab it here.
I added "aide", "volunteer", and "student" labels to the file in case you want to use for different people next year.

What did you make? How was your day? Is it just me or are your kids pushing your buttons needing gentle reminders about acceptable behavior??

Happy Hearts Day to all my Dynamite Followers.


  1. Not only I'd it only Tuesday but we don't have a week or two off.

    Queen with Class

  2. This is such an awesome idea!

  3. This is ADORABLE! I haven't seen this idea before!

    Apples and ABC's


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