Game Board Galore

So I'm pretty sure I could chunk my time into the following areas: Home/Family, School, Thrift Stores and Dollar Tree. I love Dollar Tree - mostly because its cheap and they continue to come out with different materials that I would pay 4-5x the same amount for at the teacher store. Any $$$ saving works for me - teachers (myself included) spend a bazillion dollars every year already!

Tonight I was looking at new borders and decided to make some gigantic game boards. I saw the idea on another teacher blog - but can't remember where I found it! Please let me know if it's you - so I can give proper credit.

Supplies: Posterboard and bulletin board borders. You can also use cutouts of any type.

Cut the border. Fancy scissor cuts are fun...

Glue pieces down in any game board shape.


Add labels.

Enjoy your finished gameboards!

Here are the labels if you'd like to make some of your own. They are formatted to fit on the Avery 5160

These can be used with kiddos to practice a variety of skills. Enjoy!


  1. This is REALLY a great idea! I have made gameboards on construction paper, but I really like this!! Thanks for the idea!!


  2. Thanks! The best thing is that the supplies are usually laying around the classroom/home so it's an inexpensive project!


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