September Freebies…lots of them!

Fall is coming. Whoohoo! I love fall – my favorite time of year hands down. Leaves, pumpkins, apples, all of it.

Technically it’s still hot and muggy here, but still – a girl can dream right?

September Math Journals are here – complete with Common Core alignment. 
Click the picture below to grab your copy!

September MJ

Last week, I was a guest blogger over at Miss Lovie – a great friend of mine that I’m lucky to teach with!

I wanted to share with you some of the goodies I made for her Back to School Event!


Any little gadget makes learning more fun right? Enter the "Apple of My Eye" glasses.


After putting on your apple glasses, why not play a quick game
of capital and lowercase letter matching? These types of games are really versatile - you can make it into a game of memory, a more physical game (run and find me the letter ___)
or even use them as a guide to make some apple scented playdoh letters!


Grab a dice and some fun pompoms to play roll and cover! 

Last but not least, add some apple fun to your home or classroom with this September banner!

Click on any of the pics below to download any of the apple items featured above! 



Hope you can use some of these items in your classroom this month! Enjoy!


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