Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey! That's my name!

Names are fab - especially in Kindergarten right? I love watching my kiddos learn to write and read their names and even friends names.

There are so many great literacy activities that can be used with names.
Check out some of these fun Pinterest finds!

One great resource is Jessica Meacham's website.
She has some great resources for using names in the classroom. 

Have you seen this pin?
What an easy center to put together - but at the same time is meaningful and has a purpose. 

Do you have a names chart in your classroom? Kids will read, read, read all day long.
They need practice with familiar words to build confidence as a reader. So easy!

Another favorite? From Mrs.Albanese's Class. 
She has a picture of this great chart - that utilizes many 
different activities to practice one child's name at a time. 

I love this chart. We've done these activities before - but all just orally. I'm really trying to use as much print as possible this year to help my kiddos understand concepts of print and become better readers overall. 

Of course I needed to make this immediately!
This is my version - just with picture cues!

We completed our first name today - and I was so happy with the kiddos response!
I even had one student read the -ake word chunk from Jake's name (no prompting)! Awesome. 

Want to play the name game in your room?
Have at it - I promise it is a worthwhile activity!


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