Math Stations–April Style

Warning - super long post. But pictures will make it go quick and freebies are part of your reward!!!

I could get used to this whole being off work thing. I’ve had so much time to relax – which makes it easier to complete stations, journals, centers, etc. I’m not coming home at night with a billion things on my mind that typically take over my brain and leads to me picking the super important tasks from my to-do lists and not the whole list. Like when I didn’t create/change out February Math Stations so we just repeated the rotation (whoopppss).

Next week will come quickly though, so I’m just enjoying it while I can! I finished my April math stations – they are a mix of bugs, rain and a tad bit of Easter. I always get a little fidgety about putting too much holiday emphasis in my centers/classroom in general (anyone else?!?).

Planning Guide: Click the picture to see a PDF of this document! My teammates don't know it yet, but I'm going to teach just math to all the Kinders next year (my Principal doesn't know this either - it's all just in my head hahaha). I love reading, but for some reason this year has really got me interested in Math! Who would've thought.


My Centers:
April Math Stations

Number Writing: Race to Trace Garden Style: Students roll a dice and trace the number word.

Number Recognition – Roll and Cover with pattern blocks. My kiddos really like the roll and cover games – so I’m hoping this will change it up a little bit and keep them interested! Simply roll 3 dice and cover up the number with the correct pattern block!

p.s. This  is my first attempt at pattern block pictures - I don't know if my dimensions are right. I don't have any at home - but as soon as I go to school I will check the block size. I feel like these are super big - but can't really tell for sure?!?

Number Representation – Check out the fabulous Marlana @ Lil’ Country Kindergarten for this fun (and free) station! It’s an Easter themed ten frames count and match.

Lil' Country Kindergarten

Number Order – A pocket chart station to practice number order with numbers 11-25. My students always put the long rectangle pieces into the pocket chart first and then lay out the numbers in front of them. This helps them to stay organized and focused. :)
Buggy for Numbers

Games – Just a roll and move your piece game! Something simple yet fun. This has the 10 frame dice as well if you want to change it up a little.
Rain Gameboard

Patterns – This isn’t a new idea – I just added some Spring clipart to refresh it. Students create patterns with linking cubes and then color the page to match the pattern they created.

Free Explore - Don't worry. If you hear screaming next week, it's just little old me in my K classroom. We are free exploring geoboards next week. Wish us luck!

Tactile/Count & Create – This station will need some type of manipulative for students to create the number. I have an umbrella accu-cut at school – so I’m just going to cut a big pile and place them into the box. Students count the number on the ten frame and create it with the umbrellas. I include an example card so they remember what to do!
Count and Create

Graphing – Have you seen Tammy’s Live Laugh Love Everyday in Kindergarten blog? This girl is awe.some.! Lots of ideas, pics and freebies – just like this Easter Monster Spin and Graph.

Live Love Laugh

Geometry/Drawing – Remember how I stalk visit Marlana @ Lil’ Country Kindergarten often? She has these great 100’s charts that are color by number. I’m going to *attempt* to have my kiddos do these at a station! I think to start out, I’m going to only put the crayons that they need in the math tub…that way they don’t take creative liberties with their hidden object pictures!

That’s all folks! Truth be told, I’ve been working on this post I had a dentist visit this morning that required some numbing (uh, no, I don’t drink sweet tea by the gallon, why do you ask Dr. Mean Dentist?!? lol), had me shedding a tear (I swear to goodness white coat hypertension is for reals) and just chilling at home the rest of the day. (Happy Spring Break…not).

As always, I heart your comment love – it makes me smile. Even if my smile looked like Elvis today because half of my lip was numb.


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