When did January get here?!?

Wowza these last few weeks flew by! I can't really even believe it is January - much less the 2nd week of January.

I really tried to do nothing related to school for my Christmas break - and succeeded until the Saturday before I had to return - yep - rockin New Years here haha.

I was super surprised and excited to see an award when I logged in! How sweet of these ladies - if you haven't visited their blogs - please do - lots of good ideas!

Carried Away In Kindergarten

I have posts coming this week with math journals, 3D shapes, etc. but wanted to share some pics of our last week before break - you know - so I can pretend I'm still on break!

Polar Bears are/have/can Chart

Polar Bears Schema/New Learning Chart

Soup for Parent Gifts
Whisks for Parent/Teammate Gifts

Thanks for being a Souper Teammate/Volunteer! Whisking you a Merry Kissmas!

Can't draw for anything!!!
Writing Workshop Board with December themes

Gifts for Students to give Parents - thank you Fran Kramer for the awesome idea!
Kindergarten Crayons
To Make a Grinch Smile we would...
My favorite...invite him to school. :)


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